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For most people looking to take the ARE, this course is intended to replace studying rather than initiate it (even if you study no other content).

Our curriculum was developed for you to become a licensed architect as efficiently as possible through high-quality animated videos and study materials. 

Our ARE exam prep course offer's 50+ hours of well-animated instruction, 500+ practice problems with detailed explanations, and 800+ digital flashcards. Take the ARE with confidence and join Amber Book today!

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Get the 9 Tips for Passing the ARE 5.0 from Course Creator, Michael Ermann

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Enrollees who completed more than 75% of the Amber Book Course reported using Amber Book to pass their exams with an 80% pass rate compared to 
the 55% national average. 

The more of the Amber Book course you complete, 
the higher likelihood of passing your exams!

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We've helped 16,000+ enrollees become licensed architects. 

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40 Minutes Of Competence

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Our weekly 40 Minutes of Competence sessions are led by Amber Book's creator, Michael Ermann, AIA. In these free Zoom calls, we tackle a practice problem, then answer your questions live.
Whether you are just getting started, in the middle of studying, or celebrating licensure, we welcome everyone to these open-to-all sessions.