Success Stories

“Amber Seminar is the best of all the online videos that I’ve found. Not to mention that the content is great, sharp and easy to understand and memorize. What impressed me the most was actually their attitude towards creating the best online seminar. They are not recording live seminars and just reselling it online. And they spend a lot of time putting together all the graphics, diagrams and small Flash. It’s so much better than just hearing the teacher describing a thing by words only. And the real exam uses graphics too instead of sentences to test the applicant so you get how important it is to get familiar with images. I really appreciate all the experiments that Michael did at the lab to explain the concepts. As a designer who makes video from time to time, I know it takes time and is not easy.”

Lynn Liu

“Amber Team, I just wanted to say thank you for such a great series of videos. I passed the Building Systems exam with no difficulty! I believe the videos were a big part of my success. The production values were far and away fantastic compared to other materials out there. I found I really retained the graphics and animations as a reminder of key concepts during the exam– and in my daily practice. And if the Amber Team is at all considering branching out into merchandising, I’d suggest ‘More cooling, boys…’ emblazoned on t-shirts and coffee mugs. Could be a hit. Thank you once again.”

Erin Gallagher

“I wanted to reach out and compliment the well-organized, well-communicated content of the Amber building systems videos. Just received my passing ARE notification. I basically only had time to study the videos/Amber Book due to work and other life commitments, I’ll be HIGHLY recommending this course to coworkers taking building systems and have already spoken with my office director about reimbursing this course for coworkers taking the building systems exam, and he’s on board. I hope you sell 1,000,000,000 copies! Thanks again.”

Jason Ross

“I passed, thanks to your videos. I had been unsuccessfully studying for months, desperately trying to memorize the concepts of mechanical heating and cooling and electricity to no avail. Then, I spent 28 hours with the Amber videos and book and passed! Whoopie! I thoroughly credit Micheal Ermann and easy-to-comprehend and interesting videos.”

Alexis Knepp

“I passed! Yay! Taking the seminar was really instrumental in me passing. I did not gain the necessary understanding or confidence from simply reading the text. I have and will continue to recommend your seminar to anyone that brings up that fact that they are testing, as it was recommended to me by at least 3 coworkers and I am very happy that I took their advice.”

Sabrina Nunes

“I received my passing grade this morning! This was the final ARE exam I needed to pass. I found the videos (especially the diagrams) to be very useful and easy to understand. I will be sure to pass along my recommendation to peers about your service.”

Chris Nienhueser

“I passed the building systems exam! Your online seminar not only helped my confidence for the test a tremendous amount, but it was also one of the most fascinating classes I have ever taken part in. I will not forget it.”

Gentry Kowall

“I never got a chance to take your courses at Virginia Tech, but I remember you well. I just passed BS after taking your video course and I wanted to let you know how helpful it was. The videos are interesting and fun to watch, but most importantly: they cut down on my study time dramatically! I was able to take and pass this exam in about a quarter of the time it’s taken me on the other four exams I’ve taken in the past. The interludes where you hold and show actual products were especially helpful. Thank you for putting the time and attention into this. It shows.”

Kashuo Bennett

“Just found out today that I passed the BS exam! Your seminar helped me destroy the vignette and understand it far more than what I have been seeing people ask online. It was actually a HUGE confidence boost going into the exam. Thanks again! I have recommended your class to a few people on the ARE forum, and will post something over at ARE Coach as well. Thanks again for the great class!”

Michael Frew

“I passed! Found out Tuesday. I took the exam Friday the 26th (week after the seminar). Thank you again for a great seminar. I thought you covered everything very well in relation to the test questions given. I have already been raving about the seminar to friends/colleagues in Charlotte. A few of which are planning to purchase the online version.”

C. Derek Boesch

“I’m happy to report that with your help I passed my Building Systems exam! This was my last exam; I spent three weeks watching your videos. The videos were super helpful in solidifying concepts for me. Thank you for offering this seminar series.

P.S. – every time my mind started wandering during the exam I played your theme music in my head and that got me back on track.”

Steven Vujeva

“I took your ARE seminar in NYC at the end of May—and then took the exam 3 days later. I just learned that I PASSED! I am thrilled with my “investment” and I know that I couldn’t have done it on my first try without you. Thank you so much for saving me time, money, and heartache. Thank you also for your fantastic abilities as a teacher. It’s always inspiring to work with someone with great skill and a very apparent love for what they’re doing. Many thanks and have a great summer.”

S. L.

“I would like to thank you for all your support. I became a Licensed Architect in the State of New York this past Monday, and I could not have done it without your help. The online seminar was the best option for me as I was able to schedule my studies at my own pace. I also appreciate the fact that you were “behind the screen” when a question arose. I wish I would have done your seminar many years ago. Thanks again.”

Andrea Buchsbaum

“I was in the class you gave in DC earlier this month. Let me first thank you again for taking the time to put together and give this seminar. It was a great refresher class, and the visual aids were very helpful. It is without a doubt the best class I have ever attended and you probably are the best teacher I have ever had.”

Valery Tessier

“I took my exam on March 19th and got my pass result on March 26th. I watched your video once, did the NCARB exam and then watched your video again, pausing a lot and rewinding the videos. I’m a mother to an 11-month-old baby. Without your video, it would have been impossible for me to study for 4 weeks and then pass the exam. So just wanted to say thanks.”

Michelle Asadies

“Enjoyed the videos and found the questions to be very helpful from the workbook. They really require you to analyze the information from the perspective of concepts and organization. I highly recommend the Amber course! It really helps visualize the most important concepts and gives you the confidence you need to succeed in passing this exam!”

Hayley RuthRauff

“Just wanted to say thanks again for all your efforts the past couple days in teaching the seminar. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was incredible what you were able to communicate so quickly and patiently. I am better off as an architect having taken your class. I wish that I could’ve had a chance to have you as a professor.”

Katrina Nguyen

“I just had to write and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the letter I just got from NCARB…I passed!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the last of all my exams and the 3rd time I have taken it. I quit my job the 2nd time to study for it and still failed. This time I was working, had to attend my grandfather’s funeral out of state in the middle of studying, and am 7 months pregnant, but thanks to your course, I finally PASSED!!! To say I am elated is an understatement. Now I can focus on my son who will be arriving shortly and finally call myself a licensed architect!!! And none of that would have been possible without your [online] course and personal guidance. Not only was your seminar interesting and easy to follow, the fact that you personally called me when I had questions blew me away. Thank you again!”

Caty Blake

“Thanks for your great course. I would not have understood all the concepts BS covers had I just studied out of standard prep material. I took the exam on Tuesday. I think the Online Amber Seminar captures around 80% of what we get tested on, coming back from the exam I realized that it’s not just knowing the material, but understanding it at a “curve ball question proof” level. Thanks again.

[One week later. . . .]
I passed! Everything you claim works. Unbelievable.”

J.J. Riestra

“Just wanted to let you know that I got my results back and I am elated to say that I passed. Thank you for getting me there! I have been practicing for almost 6 years now and yesterday I had a meeting with our consulting MEP engineers and it was the first time that I actually fully understood what they were talking about. They were describing the entire heating/cooling strategy for a building we are working on and it all was crystal clear in my head what it was, which is really amazing considering 2 weeks ago it was a total mystery. So, thank you!”

Andrew Lewis

“Thank you again for the videos. The series is GREAT and I will recommend to all of my friends taking the ARE. I really enjoyed the application of concepts to real life (like the double throw switch…comparison to a wedding venue!). That helped me the most. The pausing and answering questions is AWESOME. It keeps me engaged, rather than just sitting back and glazing over as a video is playing. Thank you!”

Kristin Harbert

"I couldn't have passed the last two exams without Amber Book"

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